Catholic Diocese of Homabay




The Chancery includes those offices and persons who directly assist the Bishop in the pastoral and administrative governance of the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay. The Chancery, on behalf of the bishop, expedites canonical matters; collects and preserves diocesan and parish records; assists parishes and priests with civil matters; maintains files; collects statistical information for the Diocese; facilitates communications with other dioceses and the Vatican; and directs inquirers to appropriate sources.

Rt. Rev. Michael Otieno Odiwa - Bishop
Sr. Julia Ogambo FSJ - Administrative Assistant
Sr. Harriet Akiror FSJ - Administrative Assistant
Very Rev. Fr. Francis Lesso - Vicar General
Rev. Fr. David Ochieng Obuya - Dicesan Secretary / Chancellor

Finance Office

To provide financial and administrative services for the temporal good of the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay and assist parishes and schools in these areas.

Rev. Fr. John Philip Odero - Finance Administrator / Procurator

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission

Dedicated to ensuring a culture of safe and respectful conduct in all ministries of the diocese, enhancing and protecting the dignity and trust of all God's people.

Mr. Calvince Otieno - CJPC

Liturgy and Worship

To serve as a resource to priests and parishes in providing resource materials, training programs, workshops, and other items to enrich the celebration of the church’s liturgy and sacraments within the parishes of the diocese.

Rev. Fr. Anthony Owuor Onyango - Pastoral / Liturgy Coordinator

Vocations Office

To help raise awareness and encourage a positive response to the call to religious life and the diocesan priesthood as well; followed by the formation of candidates accepted for studies leading to ordination to the priesthood for service in this diocese.

Rev. Fr. Pius Odhiambo - Vocations Director

Education Office

To serve parishes and others who are operating Catholic schools under the auspices of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Rev. Fr. Thomas J. Mboya - Education secretary


To communicate news and information about the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay via various methods to the local church as well as to the greater community in the area served by the diocese.

Rev. Fr. Joshua Mege - Communications director


Sr. Gaudencia Wanyonyi, MMS - Health coordinator

Family Life

To serve through the Marriage & Family Life Office as a resource for parishes in their ministry to all families. We offer diocesan programs with a "Family Perspective" and promote family ministry for those preparing for marriage, the married, developing families, single-parent families, suffering families, widowed or divorced, and the elderly.

Mr. Cyprian Gendia - Family life program coordinator


Rev. Fr. Pius Robert Olima - Judicial Vicar

Other Offices

Rev. Fr. Erick Ochieng Ombidi - Director of Lands

Rev. Fr. George Ochola - Director of devotional groups / Associations.

Rev. Fr. Abraham Ayieko - Caritas Director

Rev. Fr. Dalmas Odhiambo - choirs

Rev. Fr. Marceline Ochieng - Youth / PMC